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InventoryAPI by Erply is a powerful backend for web shops, and more.

  • Use as a backbone for any web shop
  • Plug into your existing software
  • Connect inventory with POS and accounts

Erply Inventory API

List of product related API functions

This is a list of all product related API functions. Click on function name and you'll find all required and optional input parameters and response fields.

  • getProducts() - Retrieve your product database.

    In addition to product card fields, you can have API to return:
    • inventory quantities (set getStockInfo = 1);
    • costs and purchase prices (set getFIFOCost = 1);
    • price list prices in a particular store (set getPriceListPrices = 1);
    • recipes for assembly and bundle products (set getRecipes = 1);
    • package options (set getPackageInfo = 1);
    • replacement products (set getReplacementProducts = 1);
    • related products (set getRelatedProducts = 1);
    • product parameters (set getParameters = 1);
    • product files (manuals, specifications) (set getRelatedFiles = 1);
    • beverage containers (set getContainerInfo = 1);
    • detailed list of variations for a matrix product (set getMatrixVariations = 1).
    To add or edit a product, use saveProduct. To retrieve inventory quantities ONLY, or to synchronize that data, use getProductStock. To retrieve only price list prices, use getProductPrices.

    Services are also considered a special kind of products — non-stock products.
  • getProductGroups() - Returns a HIERARCHICAL array of product groups.

    Groups are a way of categorizing your product database, and several API calls support filtering by group.

    Products can additionally be organized into categories (getProductCategories, hierarchical), brands (getBrands, a flat list), and priority groups (getProductPriorityGroups, a flat list)
  • getProductPictures() - Retrieve product pictures.

    For each picture, ERPLY provides 4 URLs for 4 different image sizes. These URLs must not be hotlinked — you need to download the images to your application and serve them from there.

    Access to images is currently limited and the images are not accessible by default. If you need to access the files, please contact ERPLY customer support.

    The same information is also available through API call getProducts (field images), so if you need to query product information anyway, getProducts can also provide you the list of images for each product.
  • getProductPrices() - Retrieve a product's net sales price in a certain location, or net sales price for a specific customer — according to any price lists that apply.

    You can query prices for a single product (by supplying parameter productID) or multiple products at a time (by supplying parameter productIDs).

    If you do not want a price for a specific customer or location, but just need to know which price lists contain a specific item, see getProductPricesInPriceLists.
  • getProductUnits() - Returns an array of product possible units.
  • saveProduct() - Create or update a product.
  • saveProductGroup() - Create or update a product group.
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