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InventoryAPI by Erply is a powerful backend for web shops, and more.

  • Use as a backbone for any web shop
  • Plug into your existing software
  • Connect inventory with POS and accounts

Erply Inventory API

List of inventory related API functions

This is a list of all inventory related API functions. Click on function name and you'll find all required and optional input parameters and response fields.

  • getAllowedWarehouses() - Retrieve warehouses that this particular authenticated user has access to. API call getWarehouses, on the other hand, returns all warehouses.
  • getCurrencies() - Get currencies (that have been defined on your ERPLY account).
  • getServices() - Returns an array of services.
  • getVatRates() - Returns the list of VAT rates (or sales tax / GST / etc. rates, depending on what taxation is used in the particular country)
  • getWarehouses() - Returns a list of warehouses, or locations, or stores.

    API call getAllowedWarehouses returns the list of those warehouses that your user has access to.
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