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InventoryAPI by Erply is a powerful backend for web shops, and more.

  • Use as a backbone for any web shop
  • Plug into your existing software
  • Connect inventory with POS and accounts

Erply Inventory API

List of customer related API functions

This is a list of all customer related API functions. Click on function name and you'll find all required and optional input parameters and response fields.

  • deleteAddress() NEW - Delete a supplier / customer / company address.
  • deleteCustomer() NEW - Delete a customer.
  • getAddresses() - Retrieve customer, supplier, or company addresses.
  • getAddressTypes() - Retrieve address types.
  • getCustomerGroups() - Get customer groups. In ERPLY, customer groups are hierarchical; a group can contain sub-groups.
  • getCustomers() - Retrieve your customer database.

    In addition to customer card fields, you can have API to return:
    • customer addresses (set getAddresses = 1);
    • customer contact persons (set getContactPersons = 1);
    • customer balance (set getBalanceInfo = 1)
    To add or edit a customer record, use saveCustomer.

    Each customer belongs to a customer group (see getCustomerGroups).

    To retrieve current reward points balance for a particular customer, see getCustomerRewardPoints.
  • getDefaultCustomer() - Get the ID of default customer used for POS transactions (typically, "POS Customer", "Walk-in" or similar).

    If such a customer is not defined, API returns no records.
  • saveAddress() - Create or update customer's or supplier's address.
  • saveCustomer() - Create a new customer or update customer information. Function can be used for manipulating both companies and persons. Some parameters only apply to one or another.
  • saveCustomerGroup() - Create or update a customer group.
  • verifyCustomerUser() - Validate customer's web shop user name and password.

    This API call is for building a web shop that has a log-in (members-only) area. In Erply Customer module, you can assign a user name and password for each of your customers. (These user names / passwords DO NOT grant the customer any access into your ERPLY account, and cannot be used for that purpose. They can only be used in your web shop.)

    Use API verifyCustomerUser to validate the user name and password and retrieve the customer record that these credentials belong to. Calling this function will not create any "session" or make the customer somehow logged into API; it just serves a verification purpose.

    Instead, if you want to learn how to generally authenticate yourself when connecting to Erply API — to be able to issue any API calls at all — see verifyUser.
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