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InventoryAPI by Erply is a powerful backend for web shops, and more.

  • Use as a backbone for any web shop
  • Plug into your existing software
  • Connect inventory with POS and accounts

Erply Inventory API

Getting Started


Every API session must be authenticated with username and password (ie., a log-in procedure must be performed before other API functions can be called.) If you need to interface ERPLY with automated systems:

  1. Create an ERPLY account here or use the simple get API Access form to get up-and-running immediately.
  2. Configure your system with a username and password for API authentication.

Sending requests

For an API call, send a HTTP POST request to https://customercode.erply.com/api/. Replace "customercode" with your ERPLY account code.

The request MUST always include these three parameters:

Parameter name Description
clientCode Your ERPLY account code (for example, "2881")
request Name of the API function. Example: getClients, verifyUser, getRelatedProducts etc.
version API version number, latest version is 1.0

Every request may also include these parameters:

Parameter name Description
responseType JSON or XML. Default is JSON.
responseMode 'normal' or 'detail'. Detailed mode returns more fields in result, example record creation time, last modified time etc. Default value is 'normal'.

Limits There can be 500 requests sent per hour.


Every API session must be started with a call to verifyUser(). Upon successful login, this function will return a session key. All subsequent function calls must include the following input parameter:

Parameter name Description
sessionKey Session identifier

Sessions have a default lifetime of 3600 seconds. If session expires, all subsequent API calls will be responded with an error code 1054 or 1055 (see the list of error codes). A new session can be started by calling verifyUser() with the correct credentials once more. It is also possible to refresh session regularly and call verifyUser() after regular intervals to prevent expiration.

Image: Example integration possibilities. Image: Example requests flow.
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